Ives Run

Tioga, Pa

Ives Run - Tioga, PA

When: June 17 – June 21, 2021
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Location: Tioga, PA
Cost: $36 per night
Miles from SE PA: 218 miles
Site#: 77 Beech


About Ives Run

Ives Run is a Federal Campground nestled into Hammond Lake.  The lake is perfect for kayaks and canoes because speed boats aren’t commonly seen in the lake.  Additionally, we observed many campers storing their boats at the dock, which seemed super convenient to me.

Some loops have full hookup, and they typically book as soon as they are opened (6-months out); unfortunately we were late in booking this year and only had electric and water this trip but we have become pros in managing our water usage.

Our 2021 Ives Run Crew

This year’s crew consisted of the four of us, my parents, the Faunt and Funcle with their two kids + the Faunt’s dad, my Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt, and my cousin and his wife.  Because we were late booking this year, we were in separate loops, which was slightly a bummer because the hike between loops made it less likely for us to congregate as often. 

Our Favorites

Since we visit Ives Run each year over Father’s Day weekend, we have a list of favorite activities that we try to fit in during our stay.

1. Biking

In many parts of PA, the old railroad beds have been turned into walking/biking trails, which are referred to as The Rails To Trails.  While we didn’t get a chance to squeeze in a trip this year, we enjoy riding the rails and enjoy the view of the Pine Creek Gorge.  You can download the maps here: Map.

2. PA Grand Canyon

There are many sites to explore in Wellsboro’s PA Grand Canyon but we like the short hike to overlook Colton Point.  The hike was about a mile, easy to do with small kids, and we took some stunning pictures from the Rim Trail. We didn’t get a trip in this year but I posted a picture from last year’s trip.  More Info.

3. Water Sports

There is a boat launch at the campground with the ability to store your boats and trailers.  In previous years, we have taken our Canoe but this year, The Engineer brought his Hobie kayak.  Because speed boats aren’t the common boat in the lake, the waters are more friendlier for kayaks and canoes.  The men of the group would likely recommend a trolling motor due to the large size of the lake.  

4. Corning Glass Museum

We have visited the Corning Museum of Glass twice and both times I have been fascinated by the science behind making glass.  The Museum offers live demos, a Contemporary Display of Artwork, a beautiful display of Glass Through the Ages (which I could have explored for hours), sessions you can enroll in, the History of the Innovation of Glass, a small cafe to grab some food, and a Gift Shop, where I normally gobble up some Pyrex dishes on the cheap.  The Museum is about 30 minutes from the campground and a fantastic place to take the kids.  It might actually be my favorite activity we’ve done while visiting Ives Run.

5. Explore Wellsboro

Over Father’s Day weekend, The Laurel Festival takes place in Wellsboro.  While we didn’t attend this year due to Covid, we normally go on Saturday for the parade and to check out the vendors in the park.  You have to get there early to hold a spot on the sidewalk with chairs but it’s always a fantastic time and has that small-town good vibes feeling.  Wellsboro has adorable shops along its Main Street and I highly recommend a quick jaunt into town if you’re staying at Ives Run.

Trip Video

This year’s trip, I was busy unwinding and relaxing and didn’t take as many photos as I usually do but hopefully you enjoy this short montage video.

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Campground Review

Ives Run

$36 per night





Sun/Shade Ratio




Pad Comfort


Activities Near By


Seasonal Sites


Fire Pit


Site Size


Golf Cart



  • Spacious Sites
  • Lots to do near by
  • Easy access to Hammond Lake
  • Concrete pads/level sites
  • Pet friendly
  • Discount with Federal Park Pass


  • Not all sites are full hookup
  • Must book exactly 6-months out/sites go fast
  • The bath houses are outdated

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