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Taking on the World, One Campsite at a Time

One of the struggles we find is that it’s difficult to find ratings for campgrounds. Mostly, we feel like we are flying blind when we book a new campground. This is maddening! It’s the reason I wanted to start blogging in the first place. We decided to create a rating system for the campgrounds that we stay at based on the following criteria:

The Director’s Top 10 Criteria for Campgrounds

1. Amenities

Is there a pool? A club house? Is the bathhouse tidy?

2. Maneuverability

Are the sites pull-through? Do you have to worry about your slides hitting trees? Do you jack-knife trying to pull in/back-in? Is it difficult to determine if the campground road is one way?

3. Hookup

Is it full hookup? Is it just electric? Water? Cable? Sewer? Personally, I have found we can get by on just electric hookup for about 5-6 days but only if we can use the facilities and it’s not my ideal situation every trip.

4. Pad Comfort

Where does your camper and vehicle sit? Is the pad concrete? Grass? Mud? Stone? Paved? Level? What happens when it rains (because you know it’s going to rain)? Does it turn into a swamp?

5. Activities Near By

Our kids are older now so I’ll be rating this more on activities like hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, etc. Also, are there things to do near by if the camping trip is a total washout.

6. Seasonal Sites

Is the campground mainly full of Seasonal Sites and campers? We would rather stay at campgrounds that are not just for the weekenders. We found this contributes to a lot of shenanigans and we try to avoid them..

7. Fire Pit

Is the fire pit in a location that is convenient? Are you afraid you’ll catch your camper on fire? Is there a grate to use for cooking?

8. Golf Carts Allowed

Some of you may be just aching to bring yours along but bad news: I will be rating this one on the negative. Golf carts = shenanigans and like I mentioned above, we want to avoid them.

9. Sun/Shade Ratio

Is there adequate shade during the day? Or is it mostly wide-open with the sun beating down on you all day long?

10. Site Size

Can you hear the conversations of your nearest neighbor (or worse) while they are inside their camper? Is there enough space to spread out? Are the sites on top of one another? Can our large 5th wheel fit?

Additional Criteria to Consider

*Disclaimer – these are the characteristics we seek out and help us determine if we like a campground; they may not be everyone’s choice of criteria

1. Playground

What’s the playground like? Is there one? Does it keep the children entertained long enough for the adults to not hear “mommy/daddy” for a small clip?

2. Picnic Table

Is the picnic table new(er)? Will I get a splinter the moment I sit down? Are there rusty nails just dying to give me tetanus? Do you see-saw when you sit on them?

3. Discount Cards

Are discount cards allowed, like AAA, Passport of America, Good Sam, etc.?

4. Price

How does the price compare to the amenities? I’m not a cheap-skate but I rarely pay $70 a night for a site.

5. Quiet Hours

Are the quiet hours reasonable? In my mind that means begin around 10 PM and end around 7 AM.

Campground Reviews

Each year, we try to travel to a few new campgrounds but we have a few that are favorites that we go to every season.  Check out my review posts for our thoughts on our most recent adventures.

North Fork Resort
Front Royal, VA
Pioneer Campground
Laporte, Pa

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort
Gettysburg, Pa

Ives Run
Tioga, PA
Bass Lake
Parish, NY
Moose Hillock
Fort Ann, NY
Lums Pond
Bear, DE

Campgrounds visited: 2022

Campgrounds visited: 2021

Campgrounds visited: 2020

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