I remember when we bought the camper, oddly enough, the first thing I ran to the store for was a rug.  I bought a rubber-backed cheap rug from Target.  It was hard to wash, the rubber backing eventually crumbled, and I’d classify it as an epic fail.  Washing the rubber-backed rug became a nightmare once the rubber backing became brittle. There had to be a better solution than having to buy a new rug each camping season.

Enter the Ruggable, a washable rug.  These rugs are amazing!  Be ready to be floored. They are washable, interchangeable, and quite frankly, life changing. Allow me to demonstrate its versatility. Once, we camped at Raystown Lake, and it rained for 4 days straight!  Let’s face it, if our family is going camping, we are going to experience some rain.  But with the Ruggable firmly planted in front of the door, our camper was ready to weather the storm.  Because it’s lightweight, it dries very quickly.  It’s low-pile; therefore, vacuuming up the mud is a cinch.

How the Ruggable selection process works:

If you are new to Ruggable, at first glance all of the choices can be slightly overwhelming. Let me break the process down for you in just a few simple steps.  Here’s how it works:


  1. First, you pick your pattern.  There are a variety to choose from.  Do you love Disney?  Star Wars? Floral Patterns? Ruggable has you covered.  Like that farmhouse feel?  They’ve got your back.  With hundreds of patterns to choose from, you cannot go wrong.
    • If you want a fluffier or shag type rug, there are a few to choose from. They are a bit pricier but scroll below to see the two that I picked for my home.
  2. Next, you pick the pad that you’d like.  They now offer a pad with a bit of cushion which is great if you’re considering your Ruggable for a bunk house or an area where your pet will lie.
    • Note: If you already have a pad, you can also opt out of buying another pad. Yay!


Pad Options

Trip Hazard:

Do you have one of those newer campers where your linoleum of your slide trips people up? I’ve seen people use clear tape in an attempt to keep from tripping but then you’re left with a sticky residue and you have to remove the tape any time that you bring the slide back in. A better solution would be to add a Ruggable runner to keep that blasted safety hazard in its place.


Trip Hazard on dinette slide


Trip Hazard eliminated by Runner

Care and Upkeep:

Most camping trips, I just vacuum it each day to keep the pebbles, dirt, and grit under control but every once in a while, we camp during torrential downpours or have a ridiculously muddy site so when I get home, I just remove the pad and toss the rug in my front loading washer.  I then allow it to air dry. It comes out good as new, and it’s ready for the next Adventure in Cramalot Inn.

I will admit that I’m now obsessed with Ruggable and own quite a few for my home, as well. Here is just a sampling.

If you want to snag a Ruggable of your own, you can use my invite link and save 15%. Send me pictures of your happy camper with its Ruggable.

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