Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

Gettysburg, Pa

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort - Gettysburg, PA

When: May 14 – May 16, 2021
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Cost: Free (with TRA Membership)
Miles from SE PA: 146 miles
Site#: 300 and 301


The Details

We have been staying with Gettysburg Battlefield Resort since 2018.  At the end of 2017, we bought a camping timeshare. We love that our home campground is Gettysburg because there is always something new to explore each time we visit.  We had planned to make a long weekend of our stay but unfortunately school obligations meant just a few days of solace.  My parents joined us for the trip and our high school friends came for a short visit as well since they were at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival.  Additionally, we got to spend some time with my cousin, The Agvocate.

While I did provide details in a previous post about how the camping timeshare works, I thought it would be helpful to provide some commentary about our home campground.  The majority of sites are 30 amp with water but there are some select sites with sewer and a sampling of 50 amp sites.  Additionally, the sites in the 300’s are large enough that you could use them as buddy sites.  As a member, you can bring a friend to camp on the site with you for a small fee (I think it’s $5).  We usually reserve two spots when both campers require 50 amp service so we aren’t fighting over the use of appliances (nothing like blowing a fuse while making your tea in the morning, am I right?).  There is a catch and release pond, and we prefer to stay in the sites nearest it.  Our first visit to Gettysburg, we booked a cabin for the Engineer’s parents to stay and it was very nice.  

The campground is very friendly and clean.  The main bathhouse is great if you don’t have a shower in your camper or if you are staying for a longer term than your tanks can handle if you didn’t book a full hookup site.  There is an option of a honey wagon as well for a small fee.  There is also a laundry facility.  The kids love the playground, with a gaga pit, basketball court, swingset, and volleyball court.  There is a large pavilion for crafts/bingo/events, a very large pool, and a dog park.  The store offers ice cream (yum), plus there are common areas with games, books, etc.  

Because we have a bigger rig, we have a few sites that we prefer when we travel to Gettysburg Battlefield Resort.  We don’t mind the sites in the 200’s but we prefer 300, 301, 302 because they are longer sites with some shade.  Most of the time when we’re in Gettysburg, we are sightseeing and don’t spend a tremendous amount of time at the campground but overall, we’re very happy with being members of TRA and with Gettysburg being our home campground.

This trip was pretty chill with very few items to check off on our to-do list because I just needed a mental break.  We ate dinner one night with The Agvocate at Hickory Bridge Farm.  If you’re a picky eater and want the choice of which meal you’re choosing, this is not the place for you; however, if you just want to show up with zero decisions to make, I’d highly recommend this farm to table experience.  You definitely need reservations, and they were easily able to accommodate a gluten free meal just for me.  The kids had no issues with the selection and we had a great time exploring all of the cool items displayed on the wall.  It’s a short drive out of town and well worth it.  The trip wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream at Half Pint Creamery and some lavender lemonade from Mason Dixon Distillery.    


Coming Soon

Want to know our favorite things to do in Gettysburg?  Hang tight – I’m working on a post that gives the skinny on our go-to’s.


Check out the gallery below to see the few pictures that I captured from our trip

Video Highlight Reel


Campground Review

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

Free with TRA Membership





Sun/Shade Ratio




Pad Comfort


Activities Near By


Seasonal Sites


Fire Pit


Site Size


Golf Cart



  • Decent amount of sites for big rigs
  • Pet Friendly
  • Nice Dog Park
  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Cath and Release Pond to fish in
  • Picnic table in great shape
  • Activities planned daily
  • Facilities are clean
  • There are a million things to do in Gettysburg!


  • Fire pits are too close to camper
  • Must book far out
  • Water and Electric Only for most sites; those with Full Hookup are on the smaller side
  • Some sites have zero shade; wouldn't recommend them for the summer months

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