In May of 2020, we went to Gettysburg while the world was basically on lockdown.  All of the tourist shops were closed, as well as the Visitor’s Center but our campground was finally open and we decided to go ahead with our scheduled booking and just go with the flow.  Ordinarily, you can purchase a book with the Auto Tour App in the Souvenir shop of the Visitor’s Center but we realized that you could just go to the Apple App Store and purchase the app without the book.  We realized that this was our moment:  There were NO cars on the road or around the battle field.  We seized the day and downloaded the $9.99 Auto Tour app and followed the tour as directed.

We started at the Visitor’s Center and after you allow the app permission to access your location services, it knows exactly when to start and stop its narration of the events that occurred during the Battle of Gettysburg based on the location that you are driving to.  There are also YouTube videos that you can watch while stopped at suggested pull-over points.  It’s as simple as following the signs along the route labeled “Auto Tour”.  If you are looking for a cheap and simple way to get a tour of the Battlefield, I would highly recommend the Auto Tour App.

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