If you are feeling adventurous, a great way to get around Gettysburg is with a Segway Tour.  The company is run by a husband and wife team.  Bob, the husband, also runs the tours, along with other team members he employees.  Because you do part of the tour on the Battlefield, you listen to a portion of the tour via a recording due to the regulations.  Bob then filled in the narrative for us when he was permitted.

You must be a licensed driver (16 years of age) to operate a Segway because you navigate on the streets and must obey traffic laws.  I also thought it took a bit of stamina to maintain balance for the length of the tour so I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.

We had an amazing amount of fun on this tour and I would highly recommend it if you are able.  Never operated a Segway before?  No problem – they do an extensive training prior to unleashing you onto the streets of Gettysburg.  You learn to maneuver around cones, up and down ramps, etc.  Bob and his team really take the time to ensure you are amply prepared to hit the tour route.  Even better (because I am driven by my stomach), they pack snacks for the tour!  We were offered fresh strawberries and water.  While the tour is a pricier way of seeing Gettysburg, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  The cost is $70 per person.

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